Know About Property In India And Its Registration Process In Detail

Published: 06th October 2011
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You can get surprise all the ancient monuments, where a guide can be completed to accompany you throughout the country. Those of you who do not know, India has proved to be the bird, which is higher due to the wealth of the state. Each milestone is all they have weighted gold, and for this reason it is believed that one of the richest countries today.

If you are planning to live in India, then you should start looking for a property in India at this time where you can stay. One of the most famous and best place is mohali. People enjoy this place because of comfortness it provides. Each room has spot lighting are very nice, especially the windows are usually made of anodized light alloy, while the cup is made all the preparation that have been recently installed. The front door is absolutely lovely with the texture of soil, and enter the unity of the person you may be surprised, because it uses the surrounding acrylic color temper the whole plant. Whatever happens I love the view of the city, as there is a terrace accessible from the unit. This property in mohali is currently available for people who are willing to buy immediately. These units are well equipped, so do not really need to buy anything.

The rooms of mohali are as follows, the space is the square of ten. You can buy the drive you want and live in the place after the construction period. You will appreciate the place because the clubhouse where children and families can all purposes sympathy of the week. Gym mediation rooms are also available for people who are very conscious of her figure, and for those who prefer to settle down after a long day. The property has almost everything you need within a community. Your children can walk completely around the property without having to worry because there are authorities who are watching everywhere on the property. The actual interior of the room every one tends to be completely built to suit current needs.

These are some of the properties offered in India that you and your family really going to like. You may contact any contractor-owned or fullback discuss terms, and of course the necessary payments. Once you have agreed together with the payment and as the terms, then you are now ready to live in the property that you like. Here are some of the tips of registering property in india:

1.First go to the Under Secretary of Guarantees of the office and check for any impairment that may affect the property you have selected. This ensures that nothing is going to affect the writing and state ownership of property as liens or mortgages.

2.Verify if title is officially registered with the seller of the property or not.

3.Get the application form for registration of the property. Fill in all necessary details on the form. You can download the form online or obtain the form at the office of the concerned authority.

4.The final act of sale must be prepared for you. For this you need a good lawyer who will do this work. Usually lawyers charge 1% of property value as his fee. So do not worry about legal fees and the hiring of a lawyer is essential in this case, as are legal documents that must be prepared by a lawyer and that only helps avoid problems that are looming in the future in respect to land or property you purchased.

5.A stamp duty must be paid by you for the new title. Stamp duty varies from state to state and usually is 5% of the value of the property. You may have to make this payment process at the bank.

6.The final deed of sale must be executed by the Assistant Secretary of Guarantees of the office where you have to submit all necessary documents related to real estate transaction that occurred between you (the buyer) and seller property. During this process, both the buyer and seller must be present in the office, along with two witnesses. These witnesses will put his signature on the final deed of sale so that there is no possibility of fraud and the buyer becomes the legal owner of the property purchased by the seller.

7.A registration fee must be paid, which is generally equal to 1% of the market value of the property.

Apply for title 8.Now mutation made in the land office and the survey. The title before anyone elses name is transferred to his name now. This process usually takes 30 days time.

9.You must also pay the tax on property purchased in the future. This tax rate will be decided today by the land office and the survey.

It is a very good choice buying property in mohali or anywhere property in india. As you have now come to know about the imoprtance of property in India don't waste much of your time buying it, as making yourself living a luxurious life. property in india

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